Monday, January 25, 2016

A new website creativly directed by me at

I recently launched my first website and new product division as Creative Director at Schoellhorn-Albrecht Machine Co., Inc. In June 2015 Management gave me the task of developing a new website with our website marketing company Captiva. With my direction Captiva designed and coded a new website with dynamic scaling for our Railcar Product Division. I also worked with management to Brand it as a new product division to diversify the company and separate it from our main product line of marine equipment.

Please check out the new site at

Check out the main site I maintain daily at

If you want to know more about the process of working with a marketing company or how to create a new brand from an existing one, email me or leave a comment below.

Monday, January 18, 2016

What if... Work was more like a video game?

Here is your what if thought for the whenever or wherever you may be...

What if a job was more like a video game than like work?

I recently reviewed "Ready Player One" on the site and also just finished reading Armada (which I will write a review of soon). About 10 months ago I started my own company (Fischer Media LLC). In 2013 I graduated with my Masters in Business Administration and have had a lot of jobs since I started working in 1992. Enough with my intro, so here is the deal...

The deal is this all these things I have been considering lately especially with reading books about gaming and "daydreaming" and work. Think about it; there is a mess of kids "gamer kids" coming into the workforce or who have already been working out of college for a few years now. A lot of employers are complaining about the Millennial (the current 20 something's) and their work ethic. You also have a lot of Millennial workers complaining about their work and bosses, ect. How do we bridge the gap between work and home for the new generation of workers that would rather be on their phone doing anything else but work? Then it hit me, VIDEO GAMES! But how does this system work? Do employers turn work into a virtual arcade where workers do tasks from a computer? No. Do employers let workers play video games while they work to increase productivity? No, that's nonsense. Do we turn work into a social media experiment of geo-tagging? No, wait what, no. Do employers make work, may or may not including everyday tasks, have a point value? YES!

Video games since the beginning of the existence have required a point value, to win the game, to get to a higher level and so on. So what do gamers understand it's how to level up. What do employers not understand; how to tell an employee they are doing a good job or not. Even a simple point based system would tell if one was doing a good job or not. Even including lives and how to gain and loose lives as a bonus would tell the employee that they are doing good or close to being let go. However the point system cannot be left up for judgment by a superior, it has to be a mathematical equation to determine if a employee gets points or looses points. If the point system is left up strictly to the superior then the system is and will be viewed the same as it is now. Most workers view most employers now as the people that hold all the cards (or jerks) ones that do not even control their own destiny let alone a whole company why should they be telling me what or what not to do. To paint a better picture please listen to the song "like a boss" by The Lonely Island. A true point system would make bosses seem a lot less jerky and a lot more like a boss (at the end of a level).

I will continue to ponder my thoughts if it could be a true possibility but I would like to hear from anyone about your ideas on how to improve performance of disinterested employees?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Discover magic with Happy the birthday bunny

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Friday, September 4, 2015

New Google logo. The good, the bad and what the...

Well Google you did it again you have the internet talking about you and your new "Alphabet" soup company. Lots of designers, experts and others are talking about the "Google logo" redesign. As a designer / marketer I would like to add another view of what it could really mean.
The creation of "Alphabet" was smart, smart on a lot of levels in business terms. However the actual use of the word "Alphabet" is not so smart in marketing terms. This can be discussed later. The "G" in the "Alphabet" soup is supposed to stand for "google" the search engine division / platform / whatever. Great we get it, they all work together. 
The "Alphabet" company webpage shows blocks that a toddler would use to build stuff and learn about the letters of the alphabet. The new "Google" website uses the handmade letters for blocks and makes the new logo. Most people that use "Google" won't even notice as they used the same color scheme from the old logo and they like to change the logo like a million times a month on their website. 
Consider this about "Google" and now "Alphabet" for a moment. It is supposed to be a massive next generation technology company from everything to cars to the internet and whatever else they want to do. They made their logos look pre-elementary, toddler-ish and a little baby-ified. How is anyone supposed to look at "Google" the same anymore and the answer is, they won't. People with big voices will say that it's great, blah, blah, blah... But average people that look at it and use it everyday won't know it but over time they may start to feel uneasy with "Google" because unless you are buying products for babies or are a baby people do not like being treated or being told they are babies. This is a subtle way of "Google" saying everyone is a baby and you need "Google" to grow up. Wrong, I will say it again people do not like being called babies. Thanks "Google/Alphabet" for calling us all dumb babies.
Please don't get me wrong, most will not care or pay attention, as most people do. There will be a lot of confusion and possible uneasiness for average people that do pay attention. What does the new logo / branding say about the new companies then? Well in all fairness if you look at the branding for what it is and is not, the real story is revealed. "Alphabet" and it's companies do not know or care about design and marketing, they only care about coding and the internet. I guess if you look at the re-branding from a deconstructed point of view then hey it's great... But it's really not. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ready Player One - Best Pop Culture Book Ever?!?

Let me preface this review with stating the fact that I am not an avid reader, nor do I really like to read. That is why this will be the most honest review you will read about "READY PLAYER ONE".

Now that's out of the way...

Stop reading this right now and read this book! Or as the popular meme says "Shut up and take my money!"

This book opens up in a dystopian science fiction present day earth. As the hero tells this is the "real story" about what happened. There is no other reference to future hero self but that is not needed or is it necessary, the set up is all you need to know.
The book is set as if computer user technology had advanced faster than the point of where it is now because out of need, but still in line with what could have happened. Earth being destroyed by humans not caring about the environment non-sense. And then you are given the tour of the virtual plane which is filled with so many references to pop culture it's hard to count. The book twists and turns with a "treasure hunt" with detective like clues and ups and downs and a HUGE pay off at the end of the book.
There are no SPOILER ALERTS or long descriptions about the story here because you have to read the book to get it. If you think it's a book for gamers that want to read a book about the proper way to immortalize gamers and video games this is it. Much like the movie "Wreck it Ralph" this pays homage to video games and the players whom have ever picked up a controller (and also thrown one in anger). Not like the movie pixels which tries to hard to mix current culture with old culture and humor from 1990. This book is more than the game or gamers or science fiction, it is what Cline will be know for (which is a great thing) paying homage to pop culture from all eras. His pop culture references have no boundaries or limits everything from song line references from the 70's to current references like the oculus rift. Just when you think he's stuck on giving references to the 80's he will bring in another reference from the 90's, then go back to the 70's.
The gamer review is this; I felt that this book read like I was playing an epic video game and the chapters you read were each of the cut-scenes you would get after completing that series of events.
The real review is that if you have love for anything pop culture you need to read this book. This book defines what was fun about the last 50 years and puts it into a fun stomp through space and time. For any person who grew up in the 80's you should read this now. If you didn't grow up in the 80's you need to read this to know why your video games and pop culture is what it is now.

I don't know why you are still reading this... read the book... No do not google more stuff about the book, don't read the wiki-cliff notes-pidea version, don't wait for the Steven Spielberg movie, read this book now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

11 Tips when considering a graphic designer career

Here's some tips for anyone going into the field of Graphic Design.
  1. Make sure it is what you really want to do.
    1. It is not an easy field to break into. Try and have a plan or get started designing while you are in school.
  2. You don't have to be a good artist to be a good graphic designer.
    1. This makes most designers cringe but with the help of computers and willingness to learn processes and an appreciation for art anyone that excels at using a computer can do it.
  3. Doing great art means a lot practice.
    1. Like anything to be great at means practice, use 4 and 5 for good practice.
  4. Start your own freelance company.
    1. With small startup fees to register your company you can have a legit place to make freelance dollars from. And it looks good if you have real clients.
  5. Build your portfolio.
    1. make sure they are "projects" even if you make up the parameters yourself. So you can explain to potential employers your process.
  6. Take criticism, like a boss.
    1. Don't let other peoples opinions of your work get to you take the "ideas" that others have and learn from them do not take it personal.
  7. Don't try to be a rock star right away.
    1. Unless you have a real and true "gift" for art, design takes time. Learn processes and computer programs. You will get there. Being a great designer or getting that director position takes a long time in this biz.
  8. Get your Masters degree
    1. A Masters degree will put you ahead of the pack of noobs. Also with your Masters degree you can teach others to do what you enjoy.
  9. Don't give up!
    1. It took me 10 years after I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design to get job as a graphic designer doing a lot of other things along the way.
  10. Become an art person
    1. You will know what I mean if you already don't.
  11. Be trendy
    1. Follow design blogs, designers on facebook, instagram and others. Know what is trendy.
    2. Half of understanding good trending design is being current.
This list can go on but these will get anyone started or if you are considering to become a graphic designer.

Thanks for reading

Monday, December 23, 2013

NICE _ Christmas List... Ratings for brands

Check out this sweet naughty or nice list that has come up with ranking the brands social acceptability for the year of 2013. It's a great infographic and they explain their process as well.

Check it out HERE

Or you can go to (@christmassite) and check out good gift ideas and build your own list.

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Standing Stockings are for Gifting!

The Standing Stocking is the dumbest gift that holds gifts ever. Get it only @ walmart.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Eggified - Spiderman 2 Trailer

Check out the new Spiderman 2 trailer again (for the 200th time) and you will find the best movie trailer egg ever (or maybe this week). According to there is a hidden link for as shown here in this screen cap. Go there and you will find the even better Easter Egg of the press release for the next Spiderman movie and 2 spinoff's. Well what are you still reading here for???

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